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PedalPumping Discord List
04-27-2021, 08:09 AM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2021 08:11 AM by PedalPumpFan.)
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PedalPumping Discord List
Discord is an excellent instant messaging platform for personal use for DMs with friends you've added and for joining community "servers" where you can meet and chat with many other people who may share the same interests as you or follow the same content creators as you, etc.

You can use Discord within your web browser just like how you're accessing this website to be able to chat with people and join servers, as a downloaded desktop app for PC/Mac/Linux where you'll then be able to take advantage of calling people and group audio and video calls as well as screen sharing, and on iOS and Android to access and use all of Discord on your phone/tablet and get notifications whenever someone sends you a DM.
You can find out more about Discord and sign up for an account here,

There are several Discord servers for PedalPumping specifically that cover everything from real life pedalpumping, cranking, revving, driving, stuck in mud and burnouts to animated pedalpumping and pedalpumping stories and art.

I decided to make this thread as a central list for all PedalPumping Discords to be shared and for a brief description of them so they can be found easier and grow their members.

Please note that these communities are moderated and have rules and guidelines you need to follow in addition to Discord's own Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. If you don't follow these rules or guidelines you risk getting banned from any of these Discord servers or Discord itself.
Rules of the community you're in will be found in a dedicated channel upon joining, and Discord's own guidelines and terms of service can be found here
If you find a user violating these rules or guidelines, you can get assistance with reporting them here:

You can join any Discord server below by clicking it's invite link

Cain's "The Art of PP" Discord

This server primarily covers animated pedal pumping as well as hand drawn art, written pedalpumping stories and pedalpumping audio. If you've been interested in creating pedalpumping animations and would like to get started or need help this is a great place to do so.
Despite this, a lot of discussion pertaining to real life pedalpumping producers and studios and various Clips4Sale studios happens here too. It's the most active PP Discord I'm currently in with discussion happening daily.

Pedal-Pumping Discord

This Discord by far has the most users of any one I've been in, however has not been very active recently. It covers all bases for pedalpumping content and has various channels split up into different genres for PP and even roleplay channels too for anyone who's into that.

Girls with no brakes Discord

I am not personally in this Discord but it covers Spyder's website and content. Discord

I am not personally in this Discord but it covers the site and clips stores.

Feel free to reply to this post with any other Discord servers I'm missing and with any more information or comments you'd like to make
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