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PLEASE READ - Forum Data Loss event 2014-07-28
07-29-2014, 06:34 AM
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PLEASE READ - Forum Data Loss event 2014-07-28
Hi guys,

Really very sorry about this but we've had a bit of an issue with the forum this evening in re-ordering the 'General' section of the forum which has resulted in the loss of that section from the current database.
(It wasn't me, before you ask!)
I am currently working on restoring it manually from a client browser, so will be re-adding posts on your behalf to try and get things back to how they were.

Not all of your most recent posts will be restored, so I can only sincerely apologise for that, but I will try and get the threads as up to date as I can.
While this process is running I would politely ask that you all PLEASE refrain from posting in the General & Clips4Sale areas until this job is complete, to avoid your posts intermingling with the old ones being restored - I cannot revoke your rights as I need to be logged in as you to restore your messages.

Once the job is done you may carry on as usual.

Thanks for your understanding, and I will be doing my best to see that this does not happen again!

Good evening

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07-29-2014, 10:06 AM
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RE: PLEASE READ - Forum Data Loss event 2014-07-28
All done with the import - I realise we're still missing some stuff, but I'm working on getting it brought back in over the next couple of days - Sincere apologies about this guys. Now that I've taken a bit more of an active role in the administration of the site, I should be able to prevent this happening again. By all means please continue posting!
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